LALFLORA® Raw Milk microflora selection

For Cheese makers seeking “signature” cheese product or Terroir cheese within AOP/DOP or equivalent

Modern consumers are constantly challenging the dairy industry in their quest for flavourful and high quality products.

Cheesemakers rely on specialty cultures for:

  • distinct flavours
  • regional varieties
  • compliance with food safety standards
  • productivity


Selecting only the best indigenous flora from raw milk, LSC offers complete fermentation solutions which simultaneously address aromatic expectations, as well as technological and food safety constraints.

A fermentation solution inspired by our experience

This approach, applied to oenology, has enabled Lallemand to become a world leader in -wine yeast and bacteria  by offering a large variety of microbial strains to specifically address unique regions and specificities.

In the same spirit, LSC applies a similar approach in order to meet the individual needs and desires of dairy culture producers.

LALFLORA®: Compensating for raw milk flora deficiency while developing distinct flavours in thermalized milk cheese

From customer’s preferred raw milk source, LSC selects the best aromatic and technologic indigenous flora for which safety is documented.

The selected floras are then industrially scaled-up and produced in co-culture.

LALFLORA® cultures are supplied in freeze dried or frozen form for direct inoculation utilization.


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