An innovative concept at the service of cheesemakers

Milk naturally contains a microflora made of several species that contribute to the development of the very typical raw milk cheese characteristics.
The strict hygiene requirements of the milk production industry led to a sharp decrease in the microflora population. In addition, a large majority of cheeses are now produced with pasteurized or thermized milk from which the indigenous microflora has been almost completely destroyed.

Through the LALFLORA® concept, Lallemand Specialty Cultures (LSC) collects the most aromatic, safe-to-use and technologically relevant strains from the indigenous flora of the best raw milk sources. LSC then grows these strains that will be reintroduced during the cheese manufacturing process.

An innovation answering real needs:

  • Enrichment of raw, thermized or pasteurized milks by the addition of a lactic and aromatic microflora that contributes to the typicity of a cheese terroir.
  • Regularity of production through a constant microflora.
  • For cheesemakers seeking to produce “signature” or Terroir cheeses, LALFLORA® delivers a complete solution which simultaneously addresses the aromatic, technological and food safety expectations.

Benefits and advantages

  • Product with strong «Terroir» or geographic identity taking advantage of the trend for regional authenticity.
  • Return to nature through the use of indigenous microflora.
  • Improvement of the cheese organoleptic qualities.
  • Differentiation of the product to stand out from its competition.
  • Limit the possibility of cheese imitation.
  • Higher economic value of a product with a traditional image.


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