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American Cheese Society’s 34th Annual Conference & Competition

Aug 2, 2017

Lallemand Specialty Cultures (LSC) exhibited at the American Cheese Society’s (ACS) 34th Annual Conference & Competition, ‘Cheese with Altitude’. The foremost educational conference and world-renowned cheese competition in the Americas took place in Denver, Colo., July 26-29, 2017 where over 1,300 cheese and specialty food professionals were present.

The ACS gathers the majority of the American cheese making professionals, from small cheese makers to bigger corporations, including distributors. With an educational purpose above all, it was a logical step for Lallemand Specialty Cultures to sponsor the event. Lauriane Fillous, Marketing and Business Development manager for dairy cultures, Nathalie Radepont, Supply Chain director, and Samy Roubergue, Marketing assistant also attended the conference’s events and educational sessions in order to share the LSC offerings and experience with cheese makers.

One of the main event of the conference was ‘Meet the Cheesemaker’ where conference attendees could meet and sample cheese and cultured dairy products from more than 80 producers. More than 1,800 different cheese products were judged in the ACS Judging & Competition! Lallemand Specialty Cultures is proud to share that some of those cheeses were made with our Surface and Ripening Cultures.

See you in Pittsburgh for “Forged in Cheese,” the 2018 ACS Conference & Competition!