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Discover Glengarry Fine Cheese, a distributor and customer of Lallemand Specialty Cultures

Jun 30, 2021

Located in Lancaster, Ontario, Glengarry Fine Cheese is a producer of fine, specialty cow and goat milk cheeses.

Known for its cheese expertise and connection to the Dairy industry, Glengarry started its collaboration with Lallemand Specialty Cultures in November 2020.

In addition to making renowned cheeses, they also distribute cheesemaking ingredients, supplies, and equipment across North America.

Proud of this trustful partnership, Margaret Peters Morris, the owner of Glengarry Fine Cheese and Glengarry Cheesemaking Inc., gives us insights into how she built her business and her Lallemand experience.


Margaret, could you tell us more about Glengarry Fine Cheese history?

“Glengarry Fine Cheese is a producer of fine, specialty cow’s milk and goat’s milk cheese. The company began production in 2008 and has since earned a name as a top-quality cheese manufacturer in Canada. In year 2011, we achieved Grand Champion Firm Cheese Canadian Grand Prix, Grand Champion Cheese 2012 Royal Winter Fair. In 2013 Glengarry Fine Cheese, Lankaaster Aged, was crowned Supreme Global Champion at the Global Cheese Awards, in Somerset, UK.  In 2015, the Celtic Blue Reserve was named “Best in Show” at the American Cheese Society Competition in, Providence, R.I

Glengarry Cheesemaking and Glengarry Fine Cheese are situated just 1.5 km north of the Highway 401 and the village of Lancaster, on the family farm.  Their retail shop is open 7 days per week.  There is a viewing gallery, cheese counter, and a boutique offering many local products.

I’m a first-generation Canadian, from Dutch heritage, I graduated with a BSc. in Agriculture and Food Science from McGill University, and I worked in the food industry and cheese import sector before starting my Cheesemaking supply business in 1995.

My team members, Billy, Connie, Heidi, Doreen, Deborah, Sharon, Joanne, and part-time staff Lucinda, Errol, and Kahla, and myself all contribute to the daily efforts at the cheese factory and the distribution services of Glengarry Cheesemaking.

We supply cheese to buyers across Canada, and we distribute our Cheesemaking ingredients, supplies, and equipment across North America.”


What are your key markets and the trends in the Dairy industry?

“Our key markets are artisan and hobby cheesemakers, and we seem to follow the trends as they currently evolve being the continued growth of specialty local cheese, and high-quality aged cheddars. “


What is your Lallemand experience? Can you share some of the most recent results you had with Lallemand’s cultures on your cheeses?

“Our experience with the Lallemand cultures has been very positive.  We elevated the finesse of our washed-rind Fleur-en-Lait with the FLAV-ANTAGE® BLO, and of our bloomy-rind Bridge End Bloomy with the VELV-TOP® PC TAM5. We also implemented the FLAV-ANTAGE® GCC on both cheese types. It has yielded a very good result, we are really pleased, so much so that we will enter these cheeses in competition in the very near future…”


Interviewed from Margaret Peters Morris, the owner of Glengarry Fine Cheese and Glengarry Cheesemaking Inc.

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