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German Teewurst

Jun 9, 2021

Tea sausage is rather uncommon don’t you think ? Let’s take a look at the German Teewurst, a popular meat sausage named after tea.

Although the exact origin of the name Teewurst can’t be traced today, we can safely say that tea (tee in German language) was not part of the ingredient list of this spicy spreadable sausage. Originally served for afternoon tea, we can however assume the sausage was named after its usage.

This sausage variant was first produced at the end of the 19th century in Rügenwalde in Western Pomerania (now Darlowo, Poland). The recipe was then brought to Western Germany after the Second World War as the sausage manufacturers had fled Poland.

Teewurst is a spreadable raw fermented sausage available in coarse and fine versions. It is made of minced pork and bacon (2:1 ratio) and is seasoned and smoked over beech wood.
The high spreadability of the sausage is mainly due to its high fat content (30-40%). Its typical taste is formed by the addition of starter cultures and the onset of lactic acid fermentation during the seven to ten days of ripening.

In addition to their acidifying and aromatization properties, starter cultures deliver bioprotective effects that are key in this technology as it involves short process, minor water loss and moderate salt level.

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