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Meet Nelson Jameson Inc., our North American distributor

Sep 1, 2021

Based in the USA, Nelson-Jameson, Inc. Inc. has been a key actor in the food processing industry for more than 70 years.

Focusing on providing a one-stop experience centered around making its customers lives easier, Nelson-Jameson is a single-source food, dairy, and beverage plant supplier with a comprehensive product line.

Lallemand partner since 2016, Nelson Jameson shares some insight of the industry and their Lallemand experience.



What are your key markets?

“Our key markets are cheese and dairy manufacturers, although we have the products and resources to support any business in the food manufacturing industry.”


What are the next “hot” trends in the dairy/meat industry?

“The food industry is always in motion. Sustainability, optimizing nutritional content, export, and numerous other issues continue to gather a significant amount of attention and discussion.  One topic that is a constant area of focus and innovation is food safety.  From environmental testing to color-coded programs, to traceability, we focus on working with our suppliers to anticipate our customer’s needs to ensure a safe food supply.”


What’s your experience with Lallemand?

“Lallemand has been a premier supplier of specialty cultures for food applications to Nelson-Jameson for many years. Our partnership has fit a niche for our customers’ needs, and together we have developed a strategic goal in the dairy industry to provide products that create safe, quality food.”


Product Highlight 

“The FLAV-ANTAGE® category of ripening & aromatic cultures gives customers a wide variety of blends delivering the desired flavor notes to create a quality product for consumers.”