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Mont d’Or season!

Nov 10, 2021

Mont d’Or season!

Mont d’Or season is at its peak!

Famous seasonal French cheese, Mont d’Or is made from August 15 to March 15 then sold from September 10 to May 10. Named after Mont d’Or (Golden Mountain) in the Jura region, this soft cheese made from raw cow milk is PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) certified since 1996. From the production of raw milk to the ripening of the cheese, this certification ensures a traditional and consistent cheese production through recognized know-how.

Ripening is a key element of the Mont d’Or production as it allows the cheese to develop its specific aromas and its creamy texture. Its unique nutty taste comes from the spruce boards used during the ripening period in the cellars (≥ least 21 days) and from the surface flora. Developed by an extensive smearing process with daily treatments, this flora strongly contributes to the organoleptic properties through different species such as Debaryomyces hansenii, Brevibacterium linens, or Geotrichum candidum. Other microorganisms are also used to deliver specific properties such as bioprotective effects, as STEC (Shiga-toxin-Producing Escherichia coli) can be a common issue in raw milk cheese production.

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