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Wrapping up #CheeseCon 2023!

Avr 7, 2023

Wrapping up #CheeseCon 2023!

Thank you Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association and Center for Dairy Research for a fantastic show, and to all our partners who stopped by to taste our cheeses made with Lallemand’s specialty cultures. Our blue cheeses, camembert, and goat brie were a huge hit!

A big shoutout to Julien Gadbin-Dherbécourt for showcasing our latest innovations in bioprotective cultures.

If you have any questions about our new solutions LALCULT Protect® LC1 and LALCULT Protect® MC1, designed to control Listeria Monocytogenes and mold contaminations in dairy products, visit our website  or contact our Technical Sales Manager Francois Desroches

We’ll see you all again next year!