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Discover our 2 doses format

Mai 31, 2023

Discover our 2 doses format

Experience the art of cheese ripening and bioprotective cultures with our product range of 2 doses format!

At Lallemand Specialty Cultures we understand the importance of cheese tradition and craftsmanship in creating exceptional cheeses, the 2 doses product range consists of market-proven cultures carefully selected from our portfolio:

– VELV-TOP®, to achieve a tailor-made cheese rind

– FLAV-ANTAGE®, to offer different solutions, from flavor expression and color development to texture enhancement

– LALCULT® Protect, to contribute to the control of yeast & mold contaminations

We are proud to offer an extended range of formats, from 2 dose sachet for specialty cheese makers or end-consumers to 100 dose sachet or larger for large-scale producers.

Contact us to learn more about our 2D range!