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COVID-19: LSC has a continuity plan in place

Mar 18, 2020

With the rapid evolving Covid-19 pandemic crisis, LSC added measures to our initial contingency plan to ensure the safety of our employees and products/operations as well as business continuity.

General Preventive Measures

LSC already has the following strict hygiene procedures in place. These include: adequate personal hygiene, gowning procedures, disinfection of hands and the use of personal protective equipment such as protective masks, gloves, gowns and safety glasses, and strictly following recommendations from authorities of countries where we operate. LSC has also implemented additional preventive measures:

– Reinforce cleaning measures including systematic surface wipe-downs with sanitizing solutions at defined frequencies.

– Follow recognized guidelines to limit interactions with others, in production area but also in non-production areas such as cafeteria, corridors, offices, etc.

– Reinforce vigilant employee hygiene, hand washing and sanitization practices.

– Visitors are not permitted on site, unless prior approval from upper management. If their presence is absolutely necessary, visitors/subcontractors are screened before entry.

– Business trips have been postponed until further notice, unless prior approval from upper management.

– Continuous monitoring of high-risk regions and countries.

– Mandatory 14 day quarantine for all employees who have traveled outside the country (either for personal or professional purpose).

– If presenting symptoms, employees are required to advise their supervisor and follow local authorities’ instructions. In case of diagnosed COVID-19, employees can only return by presenting a valid medical report authorizing them to come back to work.

– In case an employee’s family member has contracted the COVID-19, the employee must remain under quarantine for 14 days and can only return by presenting a valid medical report authorizing her/him to come back to work.


Teamwork and Operations Continuity

Dedicated teams and provisions for employee backups have been identified to ensure continuity of critical activities.

– Risk assessments have been made to ensure availability of teams.

– Ensure operations with backup teams and cross-training initiatives to reduce delays to a minimum.

– Furthermore, virtual communications and remote work, when possible, are prioritized to reduce direct contact.

– Contingency plan in place to ensure continuous operations in the production plants and reduce delays to a minimum.


Security of Supply Chain

Supply chain is fundamental and working with our suppliers and carriers are of utmost importance.

– Secure additional inventory, covering a safety stock, to prevent and avoid production disruption.

– All existing critical supplier and contract manufacturer back-ups have been activated following our contingency procedure.

– Identify alternative route/transportation to deliver shipments to clients in a timely manner.

– Secure personal protective equipment or find alternatives during world stock depletion.


Based on our contingency plan, we expect to minimize the impact, ensure business continuity and meet our clients’ needs. We are following the situation closely and will inform you of any changes. We are prepared to adapt our plans and are doing everything possible to minimize business disruption.

Our team is committed to provide you assurance that our products will continue to meet our unwavering quality standards.