Lallemand Specialty Cultures



VELV-TOP® has the answer to all desired finished product profiles. As the market leader, this range of products is your partner for improving the organoleptic profile of your product.

In freeze-dried or liquid form*, VELV-TOP® cultures are homogeneous and stable, thus ensuring consistency in production. They are produced according to the highest quality and food safety standards.

*For selected cultures

NEW! Our first Penicillium candidum in liquid form

There are multiple benefits to using Penicillium candidum:

  • Optimise the surface appearance with a uniform bloomy white rind;
  • Enhance cheese flavor;
  • Preserve from undesirable flora growth. The Penicillium candidum rapid growth reduces the risk of contamination with spoilage microorganisms and pathogens.

The Penicillium candidum has proteolytic and lipolytic activities that act on the curd to enhance the cheese texture and develop flavor.

Bloomy or white rind soft cheeses such as Camembert, Brie, Tomme, Chaource, Coulommiers, and Goat cheese are always inoculated or sprayed with Penicillium candidum cultures to directly impact their surface and taste.

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