Lallemand Specialty Cultures

LALCULT® Superficie

LALCULT® Superficie

Surface Penicillium cultures for all kinds of dry fermented and cured meat products. LALCULT® Superficie is a premium quality range that delivers from fruity and sweet flavors to stronger mushroom notes.

LALCULT® Superficie optimizes the finished product appearance and coverage, from a brilliant uniform white to an off-white/ivory surface.

The surface of the meat is quickly and uniformly covered with noble mold and controls the environment by inhibiting the growth of undesirable mold flora through selected Penicillium competition.

LALCULT® Superficie is an ideal differentiator for high-quality products with Mediterranean aspect and flavor. Lallemand is one of the leading producers of Penicillium in the world.

Dry fermented sausages

Dry ham

Dry aged beef

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