Lallemand Specialty Cultures


“Cooperation spells success” (F. A. Lallemand, founder, 1938)

Cooperation is one of Lallemand’s founding values. In fact, we believe that success comes from cooperation.

At Lallemand Specialty Cultures (LSC), your success is our success. Lallemand ensures success through:

  • Cooperation with customers
  • Cooperation with external experts

LSC relies on:


ACTALIA expertise center for the food industries. ACTALIA specializes in assessment activities, particularly phage sensitivity, in order to gain the greatest knowledge of strains.



ENILBIO, is one of the most prestigious dairy manufacturing schools. To characterize, qualify and enhance technical knowledge, our strains are tested in dairy processes with ENILBIO Poligny, Ecole Nationale d’Industrie Laitière et des Biotechnologies.



CDR logo NEW
The Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research (CDR), American cheese industry experts. Building on Wisconsin’s tradition as the ‘Dairy State’ of the USA, LSC works with CDR to specifically address American cheese-type requests.



INRA expertise INRA is Europe’s top agricultural research institute and the world’s number two center for the agricultural sciences. LSC is building cooperation for evaluating new strains and their final application in meat and dairy.





CREA, Centro di ricerca per le produzioni foraggere e lattiero casearie (FLC) in Italy to characterise our strains and specifically address italian cheese-type requests.