Lallemand Specialty Cultures


Manufacturing your proprietary cultures

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Lallemand Specialty Cultures (LSC) offers partnership for customised bacteria production projects in the dairy, meat, food, and nutrition industries: LALTOLL. Operating within full confidentiality and exclusivity compliance, LSC offers fermentation expertise to toll manufacturing third party strains, ensuring high quality, activity and reliability.

Reactivity and flexibility

All customer inquiries are managed through a dedicated and highly experienced team. With leading process and technology capabilities, LSC works in cooperation with partners to deliver services ranging from R&D to production. Our R&D and production capabilities offer full flexibility to support partner growth.

For differentiated products

In the dairy and cheese industry, the restriction of dairy cultures ranging by major producers has significantly reduced the market offer for product differentiation. LSC offers cheesemakers the opportunity to cultivate unique strains of interest at the highest standards of quality in order to produce signature products. Our exclusive production capability combined with customer expertise, creates highly sought after differentiation.

In fermented meat applications, for customers who have processes or recipes requiring specific strains for unique results, LSC can help with strains cultivation or specific cultures assembly.