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LSC innovations at CFIA – 2019

Mar 6, 2019

Lallemand Specialty Cultures is strengthening its position as a culture specialist with three new specific solutions.

FLAV-ANTAGE® BLA1 is a Brevibacterium aurantiacum culture that complements the current range of Brevibacterium (FLAV-ANTAGE® BLO, BLIC, BLE3) by offering different flavour and colour characteristics. This culture develops a creamy colour on the surface of the cheeses and contributes to the ripening process by developing the fruity aromas characteristic of this strain.

FLAV-ANTAGE® FAAY is a blend of surface and ripening cultures. It has been developed to meet the expectations of the international market for uncooked pressed cheeses. It combines a selection of cultures allowing the development of a complex cheese-making aroma rich in fruity flavors.

LSC also adds to its biopreservation line with a new culture, LALCULT® Protect LP100, effective against the development of yeasts and moulds, particularly on plant-based food products. In addition to meeting market expectations for clean label solutions, it can be used to extend the product shelf life in a wide range of applications thanks to its Halal and Kosher certifications, vegetarian diet compatibility and compliance with VLOG standards.

Learn more about those solutions at CFIA Rennes – March 12-14 2019 , Hall 4, Booth D63.