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Throwback to our distributor’s seminar

May 15, 2023

Throwback to our distributor’s seminar

Lallemand Specialty Cultures recently had the pleasure of hosting its second edition of the distributors seminar near Paris. With participants from 17 countries spanning 5 continents, the training proved to be a resounding success. The seminar comprised theoretical sessions and hands-on activities, allowing distributors to familiarize themselves with our Dairy, Meat, and Plant-Based solutions.

In addition to the insightful training, we introduced our 2023 product developments and launches, demonstrating our commitment to providing meaningful solutions that meet customers’ expectations. A dairy organoleptic workshop and a meat & dairy product degustation were also conducted to give distributors an immersive experience of our product characteristics.

Moreover, participants were invited to our production plant near Paris to gain a better understanding of the culture production process, shipping department, and research laboratory.

The seminar has achieved great success with very positive feedback!